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We welcome submissions

If you are interested in submitting your work to be published and shared with the world, see instructions below. If you are an illustrator, we can match you with a story teller! If you’re a story teller we can match you with an illustrator!

Call to Artists

If you have sample art or are interested in becoming an illustrator you may submit some of your original works to be reviewed. We can match you with a traditional story teller with whom you can collaborate.

Call to Traditional Story Tellers

Do you have a traditional story/language from your heritage that you wish to share? You can write and submit it or ask us for help to write and illustrate it for you. We can match you with an illustrator with whom to collaborate.

How it works

Share your idea

We consider all ideas and give preference to publishing stories that are relevant to different native cultures and tell original folk tales, parables and or wisdom/morals from native people that live close in relationship with the land, sea and a higher source. We hope that publishing your story can be a powerful vehicle to influence the continuity of your native culture, language and traditions.  

Selection Process & Compensation

If your work is selected to be published, we offer a stipend for your work and continuing royalties for books that are being sold for as long as we are publishing your works. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE DONATE BOOKS FOR FREE TO UNDERSERVED CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY. No royalties will be distributed for these. If you are a writer artist, we offer a fair compensation based on the amount of work you put in for your artwork/illustrations as well. These are dependent on market value and locations.

Walking the Talk

Writers may also from time to time be required to contribute in the way of appearances and volunteering leadership time to teach and or share wisdom with our young and elders alike.  It’s important to participate in the community to encourage and teach hands-on the values from the stories. This way, we all carry on the tradition, giving the story life beyond the pages of the book. We pay for travel expenses for these sort of conferences or leadership opportunities.

Ready to Submit

To contact us with inquiries regarding work submission, or if you’re ready to submit a sample of your work, please view the instructions and use the contact form below.  Please keep in mind that the books we publish are either 24 or 36 pages maximum, including illustrations. Please be assured that we respect your work and will not use it in any form for any purpose without a formal agreement. 

Submission Instructions

Story Tellers

Please describe:

  • the tradition, heritage and language of the story you wish to share
  • the idea for the story
  • what the book teaches (morals, environmental awareness, emotional intelligence, etc)

Please indicate if:

  • you need help writing the story
  • if you plan on writing it yourself
  • how many pages you expect it to be.

If the story is ready, please submit a sample no longer than 4 pages


Writers: Do you need an illustrator?

If you are a story teller,

please indicate if:

  • you would like to illustrate the story yourself
  • already have an illustrator to collaborate with or
  • would like for us to match you with an illustrator


If you are an illustrator,

you may submit original works to be reviewed:

  • four pieces of art work is sufficient
  • images should be confined to 8.5 x 11 inches


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