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A Colorful Journey (He Huaka’i Piha Me Na Waiho’olu’u O Ke Anuenue)



Product Details

  • Paperback: 28 pages
  • Publisher: Bear Medicine Publishing
  • Language: English and Hawaiian

Product Description

A Colorful Journey (He Huaka’i Piha Me Na Waiho’olu’u O Ke Anuenue) is an ancient Kiowa Apache story passed down to Ignacio from his grandfather and which we’ve adapted for Hawaii, the State we live in. Hence, the Hawaiian voyaging canoes!

The story, geared for children ages 4 and above, tells of morals and values, promotes environmental awareness and protection and helps children identify with and understand emotions. It imparts a way to see the world and the many colors, representations and things we can learn from our environment and people. It’s based on colors, here translated into Hawaiian, and what they can teach all of humanity.

Here is an exerpt:

Blue – Polu

The Journey begins on a blue ocean. There will be many colors and shades of blue in the ocean. The earth has a lot of blue water, but only a little bit of the water on earth can be used to drink. If we dirty it, we will not have any left for the future of the earth and its people. We should be careful with our resources and keep our waters clean.

Book is for age ranges 3 and above.