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He Huaka’i Piha Me Na Waiho’olu’u O Ke Anuenue (A Colorful Journey), Published 2015

A Colorful Journey is an ancient Kiowa Apache story passed down to Ignacio from his grandfather and which we’ve adapted for Hawaii, the State we live in. Hence, the Hawaiian voyaging canoes!

The story, geared for children ages 4 and above, tells of morals and values, promotes environmental awareness and protection and helps children identify with and understand emotions. It imparts a way to see the world and the many colors, representations and things we can learn from our environment and people. It’s based on colors, here translated into Hawaiian, and what they can teach all of humanity.


We have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to publish and give away this book to 100 under-served children in our community. Please support our campaign and make a pledge HERE on Kickstarter. With your pledge you receive various rewards, including copies of the book, post cards, art and canvas prints, depending on the amount you pledge.

To learn more about how Kickstarter works, please visit our kickstarter campaign page.

Alternately, you may pre-order you book which will be ready for publishing and distribution in February 2016. Click here to pre-order this book. 

About Author

administratorIgnacio is blessed to have Kiowa Apache and Cherokee heritage and to be the receptacle of many stories passed down to him from his Apache grandfather; he is one of three in the world to speak his dialect of Apache! He holds an M.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology from the University of Arizona. Ignacio has studied and lived with native elders and traditional medicine practitioners from Apache, Dineh, Mixtec, Aztec, Oaxacan, Queche, Nazca and Hawaiian heritage from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oaxaca Mexico, Nazca Peru and Hawaii. His desire is to share this knowledge with children and parents through the medium of children’s books. He is also a self made chef and has a catering business, He harvests and prepares fresh, local and wild foods in traditional ways. He codes for iPhone apps and has many other talents!