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On the seventh day we saw seven noisy birds. I learned to listen to my heart, and that no matter what others say or do, I should do good.

- 'Ehiku, Seven

The Things I Learned at Uncle Iggy's
`Âlani, Orange
There will be fish that are orange. These orange fish should remind us of how we need to keep our oceans and rivers clean so that there will be fish for the future. We should not be wasteful and should think of future generations as we make decisions.

- `Âlani, Orange

A Colorful Journey
The light starts in the heart. The light grows bigger as you let in the warmth of Happiness and Joy that springs from deep within each of us. Let the light grow bigger so the love in your heart grows larger than you can imagine it to be.

- Pu'uawai, Heart

The Little Light Inside


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