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Cultural Heritage Preservation

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children's books

that foster social consciousness and promote the
preservation of culture, language and oral traditions.

Inspire your keiki



An ancient Apache story adapted for the keiki of Hawaii

He Huaka'i Piha Me Na Waiho'olu'u O Ke Anuenue



Environmental Awareness
& understanding emotions



Language Preservation

Bear Medicine Publishing intervenes in the accelerated rate of cultural diffusion today and the implications on the language survival of smaller ethnic groups. By writing/recording the language in children’s books, we offer children, families and teachers an opportunity to read together, helping to preserve the life of a culture.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Bear Medicine Publishing preserves and tells the cultural stories of our ancestors and passes them on to future generations. We foster social consciousness in children and their parents and have a small hand in perpetuating Native, ancient, endangered foreign languages and oral traditions.

Impart Values

Whether the stories we publish are ancient or recent, they tell of morals, values, help us identify with and understand nature and our environment. The stories teach social, coping and problem solving skills, address goals and promote mental well-being and interaction between the elders, the young and the environment.


Books Published and Coming Soon


He Huaka'i Piha Me Na Waiho'olu'u O Ke Anuenue (A Colorful Journey), Published 2015

A Colorful Journey is an ancient Kiowa Apache story passed down to Ignacio from his grandfather and which we've adapted for Hawaii, the State we live in. Hence, the Hawaiian voyaging canoes! The story, geared for children ages 4 and above, tells of...


The Little Light Inside, Published 2016

The Little Light Inside, Written by Ignacio and illustrated by Alessandra is a guided meditation for children. This book teaches the Hawaiian words for body parts, and imparts guidance for ways to maintain a healthy body, heart and spirit.

Family camping trips are among my favorite childhood memories. As we sat around the fire in the cool of the evening, my grandfather told us the stories of our ancestors gathering around the fire... He spoke of the light in the fire we each hold within and how we, as human beings, are all connected through this light. For some, the light is bright and they know they carry it responsibly. For others the light is dim and they are trying to learn to make it brighter.
Book is for age ranges 3 and above. Click here to order this book. 

Image Samples

Book Text Samples

On the seventh day we saw seven noisy birds. I learned to listen to my heart, and that no matter what others say or do, I should do good.

- 'Ehiku, Seven

The Things I Learned at Uncle Iggy's
`Âlani, Orange
There will be fish that are orange. These orange fish should remind us of how we need to keep our oceans and rivers clean so that there will be fish for the future. We should not be wasteful and should think of future generations as we make decisions.

- `Âlani, Orange

A Colorful Journey
The light starts in the heart. The light grows bigger as you let in the warmth of Happiness and Joy that springs from deep within each of us. Let the light grow bigger so the love in your heart grows larger than you can imagine it to be.

- Pu'uwai, Heart

The Little Light Inside